Efficient Industries

Bigas Alsina, S.A. is a company with a long tradition involved to different activities with a single objective: to offer the customers quality, innovation, systems that protect the environment and therefore are efficient.

  • Industry Division:
    • Efficiency: To improve the production processes.
  • Energy Division:
    • Efficiency: Clean energy, more sustainable, less energy consumption.
  • Food Division:
    • Efficiency: Specialization in the food sector, use of production processes.
  • Rendering Division:
    • Efficiency: Profitability of the waste animal materials, and decrease its environmental effect.


  • Experience.
  • Solid group in many fields in industry. 
  • Efficiency with our customers. 
  • Environment. 
  • Family company - tradition. 3rd Generation.
  • Constant evolution and improvement. 
  • Engineering. 
  • Service.