Machinery for slaughterhouses

Different kind of equipment for taking profit from some specific waste materials

These machines are specially designed for the use of waste material that may have commercial value orto minimize the economic impact that may result from its collection.

The scope of supply of Bigas Alsina, S.A in this field, is:

-Machine for emptying guts.  To remove all intestinal content inside the gut, avoiding to pay for the water.

-Whitening machine for bellies.  Washes, without any aid from chemical products, inside the bellies, to be able to be sold for human consumption.

-Depilation machine for feet. To remove the fur from feet, to be sold for human consumption.

-Bellies refiners. For scratching the outside part of bellies for removing the leftover meat and fat. 

-Puller for fine gut. For pulling the fine intestine.

-Scorching machine. For scorching masks, ears and feet.