New factory in Argelia


Economic activity in North Africa are trying to break through despite known difficulties.

This time, the private sector has invested in building a new factory for the production of dairy products (yogurt andcheese) from both sheep and goat. The new project will start from zero and will be 100% financed with privatecapital.

Bigas Alsina, SA has had the opportunity to participate in this project with the supply of a steam generator, the watertreatment equipment and the condensate recovery system that will supply power to  able to complete the different processes.

One of the decisive factors in getting the contract was the presence of technicians from Bigas Alsina on projects inNorth Africa, and the experience in the dairy sector, as the facilities for the treatment of milk held in the institut de Recerca Tenoalimentària (IRTA) located on Monells (Girona)